Can you guess who this is?

31 August, 2008

This is one of the most famous people in the world.

Can you guess who it is?

I’ll provide the answer later in the week if no-one guesses correctly.

Emma’s answer in the Comments section below is correct. (See how smart my fellow CAE students are?)

The photo is in fact a computer-genereated image of how Michael Jackson would have looked on his 50th birthday if he didn’t have that awful skin condition and all of that plastic surgery. Check out this site for more details, including a before and after shot.


Oh no, you’re not

8 April, 2008

Pretty funny banner spotted in Melbourne this morning.

(It’s promoting a new movie but had a few people [ahem] fooled for a while)

How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight?

19 March, 2008


Check out this classic quiz.

I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed that I could take 26 of the little buggers.

Wakes could take down 15 if she had to.

In taking the quiz, I would recommend keeping in mind that scene from the movie, Hostel, where a group of marauding kids attack and murder the baddies at the end.

Lego Stick Book

31 January, 2008


Cracked has a pretty funny article on the 8 Stupidest/Awesomest Lego Creations Ever.

My favourite is the storyboard depicting a Lego Sex Scene.

Other Erotic Block Sex Scenes:

Lego Sex Scene 2
Lego Sex Scene 3
Lego Sex Scene 4
Lego Sex Scene 5
Lego Sex Scene 6

I am a bit disappointed there was no sign of a Lego Pizza Delivery Man or a Lego Mexican Pool Cleaner with a Dirty Sanchez moustache.

[Cue music: ‘Waka waka waka’]

Speaking of pr0n, Wakes and I were watching ‘Monster’s Ball’ on Sunday morning. Our doorbell rang just as Billy Bob was having his wicked way with Halle Berry. I paused the DVD thinking it would be some charity door-knockers but instead it was none other than the Barnes Man, who immediately spied the naked couple frozen mid-bonk on the box, and lit up at the thought of an early morning pr0n session.

Why would you?

12 January, 2008


Check out how this path was made.

Via Neatorama

Cool Optical Illusions

6 January, 2008

These two optical illusions were a big hit in the Write On! household this week:

1. The Dancer


Most people see the dancer rotating anti-clockwise at first, though if you refocus, you can make her change direction.

A trick I use is to look away from the screen and imagine the dancer moving in the direction I want to see.

It’s funny, when you are watching her move in one direction, it’s impossible to imagine how you could possibly see her moving in the opposite direction.

2. Hollow Face Illusion

This clip demonstrates an optical illusion known as the Hollow Face illusion.

Another example of the Hollow Face illusion, can be found on the post Another 10 Amazing Optical Illusions over at The List Universe. Some of the other illusions on this post are pretty interesting as well.