AFL Books Not Likely to Sell

31 May, 2007


On those rare occasions that the Essendon FC loses, I head straight to the Bombertalk forum to commiserate with fellow supporters about the game. The site used to be hosted on the official EFC site but for a variety of reasons it was closed down last year, and is now administered by a dedicated group of volunteers. I enjoy the site much more now that club-imposed rules (eg don’t bag players!) are not zealously enforced. In general the community is quick to jump to the defence of any players unfairly slagged off. (Kepler Bradley vs Collingwood did not have too many defenders…)

A lot of the threads are pretty club specific, but there are a few more general ones that may be of interest to all AFL fans.

One of my favourites is this post, which has now spilled onto its 12th page. It contains many humourous anti-suggestions for AFL Books that are unlikely to find much of a market.

For example How to Reed and Right by The Collingwood Football Club.

You may also wish to check out this thread, which talks about some of the fun I had at the Richmond President’s Dinner last week.


Comedy toll continues to mount

30 May, 2007

Caddyshack My Top 5 Comedy Movie lines post has now grown to over forty entries.

Call in and take a look at the latest additions if you get a chance.

Imdb is a great resource to get the exact wording of any quotes you haven’t quite remembered verbatim.

Hans, this is Igor…

29 May, 2007

Hans My favourite prank phone call of all time is the classic ‘Hans, this is Igor’, which I have attached for your listening pleasure in the Shared Files section at the bottom of my sidebar.

I play this every afternoon at work, just to get me in the right mood for some accounting skulduggery.

Apparently the masterminds behind this comedy gold are a band called CKY. From what I can gather one of their albums has a bonus disk of prank calls.

Sutha and I are currently trying to find a suitable photo of ‘Hans’ on the internet – the one at the top of the post is the most likely looking Hans I have found so far. (Criteria = outwardly jovial but with an underlying angry streak).

“Let me know” what you think…

Oils Frontman in Bean Bag Scandal

28 May, 2007

Peter Garrett Spotted at the MCG on Saturday night, former Midnight Oil frontman, and now Labor MP, Peter Garrett, dressed in a “stylish” chocolate brown corduroy suit.

Some fashion watchers have queried whether it may be the very suit that Graham Teasdale famously wore to the 1977 Brownlow Medal.

I beg to differ – from my close observation, it appears that Garrett, proud environmentalist and card-carrying greenie, has put his money where his mouth is, and recycled one of the chocolate brown bean bags that used to grace the floor of my parents’ house.

The crowd noise made it difficult to hear, though I suspect Garrett would have been accompanied by a Seinfeld-like ‘pfft, pfft’ noise whenever he walked.

I was pleased to note that Garrett is a proud Bomber supporter, participating in a bit of excited fist pumping as the siren sounded to end the match. Alas, no pogo dancing to the strains of ‘See the Bombers Fly Up’ to really top the night off.

Are you the office Team Player?

27 May, 2007


This impressive looking model is courtesy of Jessica at the wonderful Indexed site.

Talk about a picture telling a thousand words.

Do yourself a favour and check out some of Jessica’s other drawings – they are equally as thought-provoking.

Simpsons Grammar Game

26 May, 2007

One of the assignments in my Editing class this year was to develop a fun and interactive way to teach grammar to students in Years 7-9. (i.e. aged 12-14 years).

With the help of Wakes from Wakelin Solutionz, my team developed a computer game based on characters from The Simpsons which runs along the lines of the TV show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The game runs on MS-Excel and is simple to use. I think it turned out really well. If you’re interested in having a look, you can download it from the ‘Share Files’ section at the bottom of my sidebar (file size approximately 1.3mb).

When you run the file, make sure you ‘Enable Macros’ – otherwise the code won’t work.

The file sharing widget is courtesy of – I installed it especially for this game – let me know what you think.

PS – I haven’t asked Mr Murdoch for permission to use The Simpsons characters – hopefully he will be OK with this, given it is for educational purposes only!

This “site” is very “funny”

26 May, 2007

I have become quite the grammar Nazi this year. What choice do I have, with my Editing lecturer Marg in one ear every Wednesday, and the words of Lynne Truss’ Eats Shoots and Leaves ringing in the other?

This site, about the “inappropriate” use of quotation marks, appeals to my sense of “humour” – hope you enjoy it.