Dgtec DG-SD160DVR Driver

24 February, 2008

DGTEC users can download driver DMN8600.CUB directly from the Boxnet widget in the right sidebar of my blog.

Wakes and I have had a DGTEC set top box/PVR/DVD recorder for about 18 months now, and generally it has performed to expectations, though always a little clunkily.

From time to time we’ve experienced screen freezes, necessitating a cold boot to get things going again. The user interface is pretty clunky and the manual is written by someone whose first language is patently not English. I also knew from my experiences in getting started with the product that the on-line support offering was barely non-existent.

So in the back of my mind I was always dreading the day when something went wrong that couldn’t be fixed with a reboot.

I mentioned this to my friend Charlie the other day – tempting fate you might say – and sure enough two days later we completely lost sound on the digital TV signal passing though the device.

As expected, there was no on-line support provided by DGTEC. A few techie forums mentioned problems with their device that a firmware upgrade had fixed, but of course the driver was not available anywhere on line.

So I had to call DGTEC’s Australian support line 1800 189 941, and spent a pleasant hour one night listening to their recorded message telling me they would get to my call shortly. I got nervous when the time ticked closer to their 8pm support close, then even more so when it reached 8.15pm. I gave up at about 8.20pm and tried again the next night. Another 45 minutes on hold before I got to speak with a human, who immediately diagnosed that the first point of call was a firmware upgrade that he would email me. Gee, do you think?

Anyway, I uploaded the firmware and it installed as per the instructions – only problem was, it didn’t fix my sound error.

What did eventually solve my problem was to run the ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ option in the System Set-up menu.

So anyway, I’ve decided to post the driver here to spare any other DGTEC users the frustration of spending wasted hours on the phone, just because a technology company is too stupid or too lazy to provide such a basic service to their users.

DGTEC users can download driver DMN8600.CUB directly from the Boxnet widget in the right sidebar of my blog.

The instructions for this file are:

1) Using a burning software such as Nero, burn the CUB file onto an empty 700MB CD disc or a 4.7gb DVD disc.
2) Make sure the disc is finalised.
3) Place the freshly burned disc into the tray of the DVR and wait for it to load.
4) Once the DVR reads the disc, it will recognise that it contains new software.
5) When prompted if you wish to upgrade, please confirm.
6) The upgrading will take a few minutes to complete.
7) When finished, eject disc and continue with normal operations.

NOTE: If the DVR does not automatically prompt you to update when the disc is inserted, please use the source button to go to another source and then return to DVD. This will force the DVR to re-read the disc.

Note, the address of the support guy who sent me the upgrade is miguelmartinez@dgtec.com.au. Again, top marks to DGTEC for not even providing an email support address for their products.


Open letter to Village Cinemas

29 January, 2008


Dear Village Idiots

I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing forethought in selecting products with the noisiest possible wrappers for sale in your exhorbitantly priced snack bars.

The last two movies I’ve seen have been ruined by patrons ratting, rustling, crinkling and shuffling their packaging in my ear for the entire running time.

Presumably you are selling individually wrapped tic tacs inside cellophane covered mazes, then offering free boxing gloves to patrons, just to make the simple task of obtaining the next lolly that little bit more challenging.

How about a little consideration to those people who actually go to your cinemas to (heaven forbid) watch the movie?

Bring back ushers with torches, I say.

Whew, what a scorcher

10 January, 2008

It was 41 degrees Celsius in Melbourne today.

The good news is – we have air conditioning at work.

The bad news is – the air con is useless. It was 33 degrees in my office this afternoon.

True story.

I need to join a union…


29 November, 2007

Yesterday I wrote about the sledging I copped about my asinine movie review.

My friend Linnet suggested I should continue with the riposte I started at the end of that post. Here goes:

Dear Anonymous (if that is your real name)

Thank you for your helpful feedback on my review of Into the Wild. Asininity is one of the qualities I aim for with my reviews, so it’s encouraging to know I’m hitting the mark with my valued readers.

Unlike master wordsmiths such as David Stratton and Margaret Pomerantz, I have a day job, and write my movie reviews as a hobby. I pay for the tickets out of my own pocket and try to write up new movies shortly after their release in case they are of use to others thinking of seeing that movie.

Usually I post my reviews on the SBS Movie Show website – generally around 100 people read them over a period of time, so presumably this sort of amateur review is useful to some people. I know I find the reviews of other people useful myself.

Some of my other friends, such as Will and Emma, also write these reviews. I don’t think their reviews are asinine at all, but I’m sure with some expert guidance from yourself, they will be able to write with the required combination of stupidity and obstinacy.

Just so as I can continue to meet your demanding movie-reviewing requirements, it would be of great help if you could send a link to some of your own reviews, just so I can get some pointers and pass these on to my friends.

Thanks again


PS – Go f*ck yourself

Am I asinine?

28 November, 2007


I thought my review of the new movie Into the Wild was pretty good and I was pleased that The Scene saw fit to publish it.

The Scene emailed to let me know my piece was live, so I followed the link (I still get a buzz out of seeing my own byline), only to be confronted by the following anonymous comment:

What an asinine review.

Before I got too upset, the first thing I had to do was find out what ‘asinine’ meant. (Hopefully it didn’t mean ‘someone who doesn’t know the meaning of a lot of words’; otherwise I’d have just proven my critic’s point).

Anyway, I looked it up in my Macquarie Dictionary and found out it means ‘stupid and obstinate’. Some who know me might think those words describe me perfectly, but I was struggling to work out how you could possibly write an obstinate movie review.

So I looked it up on-line and got this: devoid of good sense or judgment; “foolish remarks”; “a foolish decision”.

That makes a lot more sense.

(I was pleased that a few later commentors have flown the flag on my behalf). Check out my review and let me know what you think.

PS – I was going to respond to my critic, but only got as far as:

‘Dear Anonymous (if that is your real name)…’

D is for Drive and R is for Reverse

12 November, 2007

Wakes left her car in the driveway of my parents’ house the other day.

We were going to pick it up the next morning.

I asked mum if she wanted me to move it out of the driveway for her before we left.

Her famous last words: “No, I’ll be right”


Our car … into the garage door … into her own car … into the massive steel workbench at the back of the garage.


Check here for the full, sorry catalogue of disaster.

PS – Yes, that is a barbecue on the bonnet of her car.

Not as spectacular a crash as this one, but not a bad effort by mum just the same.

Four more years, boys…

7 October, 2007


Yeah, I know the Wallabies bombed out of the Rugby World Cup at the ends of the old enemy last night, but at least we can take some solace from the fact that the All Blacks also bowed out at the hands of their long time nemesis, France.

The Kiwis have taken the loss in the right spirit as usual, blaming the ref and looking to sack their coach.

As now retired George Gregan once famously commented, “Four more years, boys. Four more years.”

See you in NZ for the Rugby World Cup 2011. Given the size of the tiny ‘stadiums’ over there in the land of the long white cloud, it may be advisable to start queuing at Ticketmaster tomorrow morning.