Movember musing


Good luck to the guys from MVRC who are participating in this year’s ‘Movember’.

My own mo growing days are long behind me – my pride is still dented after coming third of three in the Great ABCC Mo Comp of ’93. It wasn’t too bad to be beaten by the human gorilla (aka Barnesman), but to finish behind Col Gray is an embarrassment I have never been able to get over.

Anyway, if you’d like to donate a dollar or two to the worthy causes of Prostate Cancer and Depression, here’s the link to Craig’s fundraising page.


2 Responses to Movember musing

  1. Jarrah says:

    I’ve actually got the heaviest beard, I’d have to shave at least twice a day to be clean shaven at a party…seriously.

    I’m not aloud to participate in Movemeber anymore after the year I grew a handlebar mustache that looked like Chopper Read and then decided to imitate his voice constantly.

    Needless to say, I perfected it, and the Mrs has banned mustaches forever for fear of a Chopper reprisal.

    One day my dear…one day…

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