Lego Stick Book

31 January, 2008


Cracked has a pretty funny article on the 8 Stupidest/Awesomest Lego Creations Ever.

My favourite is the storyboard depicting a Lego Sex Scene.

Other Erotic Block Sex Scenes:

Lego Sex Scene 2
Lego Sex Scene 3
Lego Sex Scene 4
Lego Sex Scene 5
Lego Sex Scene 6

I am a bit disappointed there was no sign of a Lego Pizza Delivery Man or a Lego Mexican Pool Cleaner with a Dirty Sanchez moustache.

[Cue music: ‘Waka waka waka’]

Speaking of pr0n, Wakes and I were watching ‘Monster’s Ball’ on Sunday morning. Our doorbell rang just as Billy Bob was having his wicked way with Halle Berry. I paused the DVD thinking it would be some charity door-knockers but instead it was none other than the Barnes Man, who immediately spied the naked couple frozen mid-bonk on the box, and lit up at the thought of an early morning pr0n session.


Tarpins hogging the media spotlight

31 January, 2008

Good to see some other media outlets have picked up on our super-horse Tarpins.

Check out this article on Racing & Sports:

Open letter to Village Cinemas

29 January, 2008


Dear Village Idiots

I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing forethought in selecting products with the noisiest possible wrappers for sale in your exhorbitantly priced snack bars.

The last two movies I’ve seen have been ruined by patrons ratting, rustling, crinkling and shuffling their packaging in my ear for the entire running time.

Presumably you are selling individually wrapped tic tacs inside cellophane covered mazes, then offering free boxing gloves to patrons, just to make the simple task of obtaining the next lolly that little bit more challenging.

How about a little consideration to those people who actually go to your cinemas to (heaven forbid) watch the movie?

Bring back ushers with torches, I say.

Scott – is that you behind the mask?

23 January, 2008

One of our regular contributors was once caught emitting a rather loud and flamboyant fart in the office by a visiting female consultant.

Very embarrassing for all concerned.

In honour of that great moment in office history, I bring you ‘Fartman’.


Tarpins Juggernaut Rolls On!

18 January, 2008


Australia’s new glamour horse, Tarpins, has done it again with a tremendous win in the Class 2 Coulter Roache Lawyers Country Showcase Handicap over 2233 metres at Geelong yesterday.

Tarpins was well supported on track by a large group of his excited and enthusiastic owners.

If he pulls up well after his run, he will be heading to Tasmania on 9 February for the Group 3 Tasmanian Derby. And so will we.

Our thanks to Dean Yendall for another great ride, and Jamie Edwards and Bruce Elkington for having him cherry ripe for the race.

And just to prove the old saying, ‘Winners are Grinners’, check out these cheesy post-race smiles:


The rest of my photos from the day are here.

Well done Wakes

14 January, 2008


Congratulations to Wakes for successfully completing an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5/40/10) in trying conditions at Sandringham yesterday.

Her time of 3:00.37 was a new personal best.

As George Costanza would say, ‘the ocean was dark and stormy my friend’.

Even the elite competitors found the conditions trying, so it was a great effort to finish, let alone set a PB. I got tired just watching all of those fit people. Luckily there were a few cafes handy to make sure I kept up my carbo loading routine.

Check out more of my great photos here.

Why would you?

12 January, 2008


Check out how this path was made.

Via Neatorama