Lego Stick Book


Cracked has a pretty funny article on the 8 Stupidest/Awesomest Lego Creations Ever.

My favourite is the storyboard depicting a Lego Sex Scene.

Other Erotic Block Sex Scenes:

Lego Sex Scene 2
Lego Sex Scene 3
Lego Sex Scene 4
Lego Sex Scene 5
Lego Sex Scene 6

I am a bit disappointed there was no sign of a Lego Pizza Delivery Man or a Lego Mexican Pool Cleaner with a Dirty Sanchez moustache.

[Cue music: ‘Waka waka waka’]

Speaking of pr0n, Wakes and I were watching ‘Monster’s Ball’ on Sunday morning. Our doorbell rang just as Billy Bob was having his wicked way with Halle Berry. I paused the DVD thinking it would be some charity door-knockers but instead it was none other than the Barnes Man, who immediately spied the naked couple frozen mid-bonk on the box, and lit up at the thought of an early morning pr0n session.


2 Responses to Lego Stick Book

  1. Emma * says:

    That’s just rude – but I did laugh.

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