Scott – is that you behind the mask?

23 January, 2008

One of our regular contributors was once caught emitting a rather loud and flamboyant fart in the office by a visiting female consultant.

Very embarrassing for all concerned.

In honour of that great moment in office history, I bring you ‘Fartman’.



Jargon of the Day award

2 November, 2007


This morning I was given a hard copy of a Powerpoint presentation on Shared Services to review.

One of the slides talked about the implications of Shared Services models to finance professionals.

Apparently the nature of Senior Finance roles will be changing – in future we will be required to act as ‘Thought Partners’ for the business.

What the **** is a Thought Partner?

The worst thing is, someone is being paid squillions to come up with this crap.

Hans, this is Igor…

29 May, 2007

Hans My favourite prank phone call of all time is the classic ‘Hans, this is Igor’, which I have attached for your listening pleasure in the Shared Files section at the bottom of my sidebar.

I play this every afternoon at work, just to get me in the right mood for some accounting skulduggery.

Apparently the masterminds behind this comedy gold are a band called CKY. From what I can gather one of their albums has a bonus disk of prank calls.

Sutha and I are currently trying to find a suitable photo of ‘Hans’ on the internet – the one at the top of the post is the most likely looking Hans I have found so far. (Criteria = outwardly jovial but with an underlying angry streak).

“Let me know” what you think…

Are you the office Team Player?

27 May, 2007


This impressive looking model is courtesy of Jessica at the wonderful Indexed site.

Talk about a picture telling a thousand words.

Do yourself a favour and check out some of Jessica’s other drawings – they are equally as thought-provoking.

Best Web Freebies

24 May, 2007

This great article was in today’s Melbourne Age newspaper.

It reviews ten of the best free software packages available on the Web, including Open Office, Primo PDF Writer, and Paint.NET 3.

I must say I’m surprised that Firefox didn’t rate a mention, (or any non-IE browser for that matter), as I’ve been extremely impressed with the functionality and stability of Firefox since installing it a month or so ago.

The whole Google suite has also been an eye-opener for me. I started with Gmail because Hotmail’s spam was doing my head in, not to mention the crap storage allowance they provided at the time – this led on to Google Calendar, Picassa and most recently Google Reader. I have found all to be stable and with appropriate functionality for my needs – and the best part is the seamless integration between the various Google modules. I even checked out Google Spreadsheets and was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel. (Not rushing out to replace Excel just yet though!)

I used to be a bit skeptical about free software – worried about bugs and poor functionality – but my recent experiences with WordPress, Firefox, Picassa and the myriad of other programs, widgets and gadgets that I’ve come across since joining the blogging fraternity have got me wondering what other great stuff I am missing out on.

I’d love to hear your feedback about any of the programs reviewed in The Age article, or on any other great free software out there.

My Best Prank – by Popular Demand

15 May, 2007

The other day I posted Prank of the Day, which turned out to be one of the most popular posts I’ve made on this site.

My mate Skinful subsequently reminded me of a prank I played on one of our Hash House Harrier colleagues when we were living in PNG.

Basically, I came across an advertisement in the local Post Courier newspaper from a woman in Ghana named Esther Lovely Kinful, who was looking for a pen pal in PNG. She listed amongst her hobbies “marriage and exchange of love letters”.

Immediately I thought of my mate Subza, who was single at the time, and knowing the bashful sort of chap he was, I decided to set Cupid on the path of our two star crossed lovers.

This letter is the one I sent to Esther on behalf of Subza: Esther part 1

This letter is her response: Esther part 2

By way of explanation, Subza worked as a sales manager at Colgate, hence the reference to toothpaste factory.

Also, B.W. stands for ‘black wings’. If you have to ask, you don’t want to know.

The photo was one I found lying around the office at the time. Neither of the two guys pictured is Subza.

As you can imagine, Subza was quite confused when he received the letter from Esther out of the blue. It took a fair bit of investigative work on his part to uncover the genesis of Esther’s undying love.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did at the time.

Apologies to Esther if she happens to Google herself at some stage in the future and finds out about this prank. No such apologies to Subza, he deserves everything he gets!!!