Nothing on at the movies?

15 April, 2008

Is it just me, or is there a dearth of decent movies showing at the moment?

Wakes & I religiously watch The Movie Show each week – don’t think they’ve featured a single film that either of us has wanted to see for the past month.

Even the usually reliable Cinema Nova playlist failed to inspire.

Of the ones currently doing the rounds, we’ve seen:

  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
  • The Black Balloon
  • No Country for Old Men
  • There Will be Blood
  • Juno

Any suggestions?

Anyone know anything Street Kings, opening this week in Melbourne?

The Kite Runner?

(Photo credit: Jessica )


Oh no, you’re not

8 April, 2008

Pretty funny banner spotted in Melbourne this morning.

(It’s promoting a new movie but had a few people [ahem] fooled for a while)

Blogging for One Year

7 April, 2008

Believe it or not, today is the one year anniversary of my first blog post. My, how time flies.

It’s been a year full of new experiences and (In my mind at least) a worthwhile effort all round.

Some interesting stats:

  • 193 posts (including this one)
  • 19,218 page views
  • Best Day Ever: 149 page views (the day Clinton Grybas died and people googled to find out more about it and came across my post that mentioned he had quite a large bald spot – I hope the two weren’t related)
  • Most popular posts:
  • 530 comments – special thanks to Col, Scott, roaf, Linnet, Karen & Brett for visiting often and contributing to the banter.
  • [Edit] Oh yeah, and a special mention to resident heckler Skinful. Of all the people to forget to thank in my original post!

Thanks again to all my readers. Here’s to another 365 days of getting things written.

Photo credit: SantiMB

Short Story – Stranded

6 April, 2008


Photo credit: LovelyV

One of my subjects this year is Short Story Online.

I was a bit nervous about entering the big, scary world of fiction writing – I reckon the last time I wrote any pure fiction was back in High School. (Obviously this excludes tall stories, sledging of mates, creative accounting and Bledisloe tour profiles).

Anyway, this story was the first exercise we had to submit for assessment this year. We had to write about a situation where three people were thrown together in some way. We had to invent a crisis and show how it affects the characters. Then two of the characters have to get away from the other one, and we had to write about what they do next and how they see the third character. All in 800 words.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you think.