Oh no, you’re not

Pretty funny banner spotted in Melbourne this morning.

(It’s promoting a new movie but had a few people [ahem] fooled for a while)


3 Responses to Oh no, you’re not

  1. col gray says:

    I can just picture this ‘so over you’ bloke painting the writing on the sheet so hard with white knuckles on the paint brush.

    Going to the effort of stealing his 25 foot tall Uncle’s bed sheet for his writing canvas may seem to some a little extreme.

    Climbing to the top of an overpass to drape his message would to some seem quite bizarre.

    Purchasing reams of sticky tape to stick the banner to the overpass rail is touching on obsessive…

    I’m pleased to see you are ‘So Over Sarah Marshall’ mate.

  2. col gray says:

    Oh. It’s a movie…I get it…

  3. roaf says:

    Was that made by a crazed fan or an advertising exec, I wonder?

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