About Bruce Clarke

Hi, I’m Bruce Clarke. I’m 44 years old, live in Melbourne, Australia and have embarked on a second career as a freelance writer. My main career as Finance Manager for Moonee Valley Racing Club is what pays the bills. I am married to the lovely Lisa (Wakes), and have two great kids from my first marriage – Rebekah (15) and Tim (13). My interests include sports, travel, writing, music, movies and cooking. I’ve spent several stints living abroad – London, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand – and still have many friends living in those countries. My Kiwi friends are particularly communicative when one of their sporting teams has a rare victory over Australia.

Last year I enrolled in a Professional Writing and Editing course at CAE. My writing goal was to have some of my pieces published and I was fortunate enough to achieve this with some of the pieces I wrote for my classes.

The My Writing tab includes links to some samples of my published writing. Hopefully I will continue to add to this brag book over the next few years.

My other big interest at the moment is a part-ownership of a lovely racehorse called Tarpins. He had his first win at the end of 2007 and we are hoping for big things from him in 2008.

The main part of my blog, with my (sometimes) daily postings, is over here.

You can subscribe to my blog either via email or RSS reader by choosing your desired option from the sidebar menu.

You can contact me by leaving a comment below, or by emailing clarkebruce69 (at) gmail.com.


24 Responses to About Bruce Clarke

  1. riza says:

    I hope you got your career.

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Thanks Riza, always great to have a new visitor to my site


  3. Scott Healy says:

    Nice work, mate. Good to see your smiley face too!

  4. clarkebruce says:

    I’m sure there are a few old Scott Healy stories I could pull out for my blog. Like the time you got locked in the SPT garage at St Kilda Rd.

  5. Scott Healy says:

    If it helps, I already have that one in the SPT garage documented. For a price…..

  6. clarkebruce says:

    Send it in and I will make you and Ted McNally internet celebrities!

  7. Vivkats says:

    came across this blog, wondering suburb you grew up in Melbourne?

  8. clarkebruce says:

    East Keilor, not far from Tullamarine Airport.

    Home of JB HiFi, the Centreway, East Keilor Leisure centre and not too much else.

  9. Vivkats says:

    OK so you are the Bruce I went to school with. Love to get in touch. Tell me how.

  10. andrew mc swain says:

    If you write as well you talk you will have plenty of material to publish.

    All the best I will keep a look out for your writings

  11. clarkebruce says:

    Welcome to the site, Farmer.

    For those who don’t know, Andrew Mc Swain (Farmer) is famous for two things.

    1. Eating
    2. Going out for 17 in cricket

  12. peter campbell says:

    hi clarkie how are you you were pretty pissed at the cricket do.

  13. clarkebruce says:

    Hi Peter
    I was only warming up…

  14. pjspider says:

    Hey Bruce Clarke,

    It’s Peter, from Nerdgasm.

    1. Thanks for checking out our site!

    2. Do you get a lot of people making Batman or Superman references towards you? I imagine you would…

    3. As a freelance writer, you might want to check out the Venture Theatre & Venture Scripts links on Nerdgasm. I’m a part of a group that has been writing & producing original plays for about 2 years now, and we’re trying to branch out and raise some more awareness. It may or may not be up your alley… guess it depends on if you like writing plays or not. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out… being a writer and all.

    4. If you’re interested in exchanging links, let me know. blog.nerdgasm@gmail.com

    Cool site, by the way! You’ve got a lot of interesting stuff on here!


  15. legend says:

    send pjspider a copy of the KIDS STUFF play pear ,also your writing is crap
    and col gray rocks

    Legend is one of my brothers. Kidstuff is a play I helped write (and performed in) when I was at school. He thinks that story is hilarious (I don’t blame him).

    Unfortunately for Legend, his computer skills are far inferior to mine. Any more cheek from him and embarrassing photos will start popping up everywhere on the net…

  16. legend says:

    unfortunately for bruce,our mum has passed on some very interesting KIDSTUFF pictures to me and he forgets that my wife is an exellent computer opperator

  17. col gray says:

    Bruce Clarke – I’ve just visited this section of your site for the first time and I’d like to inform you that the first entry on this page was not submitted by me. It’s not the first time that my name has been used in vein on your site but I do assure you that my support for your new career extends further than the handful of disgusting profanities diplayed above. I am appalled and enraged that someone has used my identity to voice their own opinions with vulgar words that do not appear in my vocabulary. Such crass behaviour and gutter humour is the essence of filthy rags such as the Truth Newspaper and I shall be contacting legal advise to pursue compensation for this foul act of libel.
    I’m serious.

    Edit – the first, abusive comment has since been deleted.

  18. clarkebruce says:

    Surname: Boy
    First Name: Moose

  19. Col Gray says:

    Amazed at your reply to Peter Campbell on this page Bruce Clarke. Peter suggested you were pretty pissed at the cricket do. You told him you were just warming up.

    Is that why Smooks, Whisper, Myself and even my Mrs went on to party afterwards until 4am – while you gave us the slip and sneakily disappeared into the night and tucked up into bed nice and early?

  20. Mooseboy says:

    Guess who has the Kidstuff Record
    Hope it dosent suddenly reappear!!!

  21. graeme davies pwe nf says:

    Great stuff, my rugby mates loved the article. Send me your email. cheers gd

  22. Subza says:

    GUMI —


    ON ON !


  23. pear says:


    A pleasure to hear fromyou after all these years. Have you traded your life of debauchery for one of respectability yet?


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