Unashamed Plug

16 November, 2007

My friend Karen from CAE has been very sneaky, setting up her own blog a few months ago but not letting me have the address – until now.

Anyway, today it was my pleasure to check out Blogday, which in Karen’s words:

… is a project to document a year in text and daily photographs taken using a mobile phone.

Why with a phone camera instead of a more sophisticated one? Because these days camera phones are so common that they offer us a unique opportunity to conveniently and unobtrusively document the things around us in a way that we have never been able to do before. They offer a solution to the loss of social history that digital photography seemed to threaten us with, by making everyone potential historians.

I also hope to show that even with relatively simple digital cameras it is possible to be creative, just like it is with simple film cameras.

The site looks great. If you’re interested in photography, or just want to see a little of Melbourne through Karen’s eyes, go and check it out.