Wakes nails the 100 push-up challenge

21 September, 2008

Congratulations to Wakes, who yesterday successfully completed the 100 push-up challenge.

Very sneaky she was too, didn’t tell me she was planning an assault on the summit. I was minding my own business in the shower when she came into the bathroom and shouted, “Yes!!!” – OK, it wasn’t really a shout, more of a breathless exclamation in between the huffing and puffing.

Anyway, straight away I knew that she had made the 100 and put me to shame in the process.

I gave up on my own challenge a couple of weeks ago (PB = 78), but Wakes loves nothing better than a fitness challenge and was determined to see it through.

The next challenge I’ve set her is the Triple Clap Push-Up:

Well done, Wakes, you are a champion.

Photo credit: Radiospike


Push Up Challenge – Progress Report

16 August, 2008

I’ve got to say, I’m well and truly over push-ups at the moment.

I gave myself a decent couple of days rest before attempting the Maximum Test at the end of Week 5 today. Unfortunately I only managed to equal my PB from a few weeks ago – 78. It doesn’t give me much confidence that I’m going to be able to get to the magic three figures.

I struggled a bit with the sets in Week 5 – I had to complete the required minimum 40 reps at the end of Week 5 Day 1 as 2 x 20 rather than a straight 40. I completed Days 2 & 3 satisfactorily, but it was a big struggle at the end to get the required minimum 40 reps and I fell in a screaming mess on the floor both times

I go to a trainer in the days between my push up days, and often we do quite a gruelling upper body set, so I’m probavly not giving my body sufficient rest between push-up days either.

Looking ahead to Week 6, I’d have to say I’m no chance to complete Day 1, and very unlikely to complete Days 2 & 3.

I’ll probably repeat Week 5 again and see whether I can get through all three days in entirety. Then do the max test again next Saturday and make a call from there whether it is worth continuing with the program.

Details of the One Hundred Pushups challenge are here if you’re interested.

100 Pushup Challenge – Progress Report

20 July, 2008

Here’s where I’m up to with the 100 Pushup Challenge after Week 3, Session 1.

Click on the graph to get a clearer view.

My best maximum so far is 66.

The part of the program that I’ve completed to date is on the left hand side, under the red line. The bars represent the various sets I’ve done on each of those days, with the dark blue representing my maximum on each day. The red line shows just the maximum and uses the right hand scale.

The bars on the right hand side of the graph represent the program ahead of me for the next few weeks. Week 6 is a bit scary, huh?

If you’re doing the 100 Pushup Challenge and want a copy of the spreadsheet to track your progress, leave a comment and I’ll email you one.

Current Status – 100 Pushup Challenge

16 July, 2008

At the end of the second week of the program, my maximum has increased to 66.

I tried to post a graph showing my progress, but it died.

One Hundred Push Up Challenge

6 July, 2008

One of my fitness goals this year is to achieve 100 push ups.

I do quite a few push up routines at my twice-weekly personal training sessions, but apart from the general improvement to strength and endurance you’d expect to get from those exercises, I haven’t been doing anything specific to build up my numbers.

Until now.

Last week I came across the excellent Hundred Push Ups Training Program and thought, ‘Why not?’

And of course, as soon as Wakes got a sniff of the words ‘fitness’ and ‘challenge’, she was in too.

Both of us did 50 in our initial test on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

The site tailors for all levels of fitness – so even if you can do less than 10 pushups at the moment, there is a program to help you build this up over a period of weeks.

Let me know if you decide to take up the challenge.