Cool Optical Illusions

These two optical illusions were a big hit in the Write On! household this week:

1. The Dancer


Most people see the dancer rotating anti-clockwise at first, though if you refocus, you can make her change direction.

A trick I use is to look away from the screen and imagine the dancer moving in the direction I want to see.

It’s funny, when you are watching her move in one direction, it’s impossible to imagine how you could possibly see her moving in the opposite direction.

2. Hollow Face Illusion

This clip demonstrates an optical illusion known as the Hollow Face illusion.

Another example of the Hollow Face illusion, can be found on the post Another 10 Amazing Optical Illusions over at The List Universe. Some of the other illusions on this post are pretty interesting as well.


2 Responses to Cool Optical Illusions

  1. roaf says:

    Wow, the Charlie Chaplin one is freaky!

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