Sore Feet

HK Lights

We’ve been having a ball checking out the sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

Last night we walked down to the Harbour, and watched the spectacular fireworks and light display, which was an amazing sight.

Today we walked around Kowloon for about 4 1/2 hours, so our feet are aching. Luckily we got caught in a tropical downpour just as we were approaching our hotel – so now soaking wet as well as tired. During our walk we saw several street markets, including the Goldfish Market, which had magnificent tropical fish of all shapes and sizes on display. The Bird Street Park is closed due to the bird flu problems so we didn’t get to see that up close.

Yesterday we did the whole tourist bus thing – took in Stanley Markets, the Peak, Aberdeen fishing village and a wholesale jewellers. The tour guide Steve Hung was fantastic, still, the pther passengers tend to do my head in on those sorts of tours, asking inane questions, getting lost, not being back on the bus at the prescribed time etc. I get my own back on them by secretly giving them ‘the birf’ in the background when they take their photos.

Next stop London, plane is already running 3 hours late. Can’t wait for the queues and hassles trying to enter Heathrow.

A couple of my HK photos at Picasa if anyone is interested.


2 Responses to Sore Feet

  1. col gray says:

    Today we walked around Kowloon for about 4 1/2 hours, so our feet are aching…

    Have a little cry – I’ve been at work.

  2. Simonne says:

    Cool photos 🙂

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