Personal Best

How refreshing to read about our wonderfully disciplined elite swimmers and their supportive coaches and parents (“In the Swim”, March 18). I was particularly impressed by the attention given to personal goal setting in the preparation of these young athletes.

In sport, as with all parts of life, it is important to set the highest goals, and to strive to achieve these. But as Daniel Kowalski discovered when competing in the Perkins/Hackett era, sometimes your very best is still not good enough (not that an Olympic silver medal is to be sneezed at). In realigning his goals to reflect a more internal focus – to be the best he could – Daniel was able to continue competing at the highest level, enjoying the journey along the way. A commendable attitude, especially in this second-place-is-for-losers world of ours.


Published in Sunday Life magazine, The Sunday Age, Melbourne, 1 April, 2007


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