Management training meets the kitchen

Yeah, I know, I’m not a very handsome bloke.

Still, I fancy myself as an amateur chef, which is why I enjoyed the opportunity I had recently to cook in a commercial kitchen as part of a team-building exercise we did at the Valley.

I wrote an article on my experiences, Management training meets the kitchen which was published in the latest edition of the Australian Institute of Training & Development journal. Looks pretty good, huh?

Thanks to Vin Lowe for his great photos.


7 Responses to Management training meets the kitchen

  1. Team Builder says:

    When you combine team building with interactivity and the ability to create something together you really forge a bond between those involved in the project. I think this is the perfect experience to bring your employees closer together!

  2. pear says:

    Not only that – it tasted pretty good, too!

  3. Scott says:

    We did a similar exercise last year, with pizza and sponge cake being the creations. Unfortunately we had an incident between two dominant females over space allocation in the oven and use of the egg beater…and it all turned to tears and tragedy. It certainly brought my team closer together; nearly throttling each other, in fact.

  4. col gray says:

    I saw a sign on the door of HELLO SIRS the other day “Chef wanted, apply within.”

    Sounds like you Bruce Clarke, all you need is a bit of pimple pus, arm scabs and bodily fluids to complete the Hello Sirs secret recipe.

  5. Emma * says:

    I know, the dark glasses are to wear when you’re making duck flambe.
    But where’s the apron, BC?

  6. Skinful says:

    And your dish out of the 3 was?

  7. pear says:

    Scott – 2 x dominant females into 1 x kitchen = recipe for disaster

    Col – No 1 chef at Hello Sirs is my career goal

    Emma – if you’re a good enough chef, there’s no spillage, hence no apron

    Skinful – the Thai corn fritters were my creation, very tasty too.

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