The bloke on the left wins gold

Sports Illustrated has an amazing sequence of photos showing the miraculous escape by Michael Phelps in the 100 metres butterfly.

Do you think Silver medallist Cavic will be haunted by this photo for the rest of his life?

Conspiracy theories abound but Photo 5 from the Sports Illustrated sequence almost convinces me…

Maybe Phelps has hidden propellers in his ears.


5 Responses to The bloke on the left wins gold

  1. usrsportsfan says:

    RANDOM THOUGHTS: I am a little disappointed in Michael Phelps — only 7 world records and not 8. Gee, other than that, I guess he did OK. … Usain “lightening” Bolt looked like a man among boys in the 100 meter dash final. I cannot imagine that I would ever let up in the Olympic finals — which is what Bolt did and as a result — he blew a chance to really obliterate his own world record. Michael Johnson’s world record in the 200 meter dash is not safe the way Bolt looked in the 100 (Bolt considers the 200 to be his best event). … 41 year-old Dara Torres is amazing and a class act. … NBC has so far shown fewer up close and personal type segments and the ones I have seen have been shorter. I am glad the networks have finally realized that this a sporting event — not a daytime drama. … I never liked the quote that “the hardest thing to do is sports is to hit a baseball” (obviously from a big baseball fan) because it draws a conclusion that I do not think is true from a sport in which the athletes do not seem as athletically gifted as athletes in some other sports. All you have to do is watch the women gymnasts perform on the 4″ wide balance beam in gymnastics to begin to get my point.

  2. col gray says:

    One of the very few occassions in life where it would be an advantage to be Edward Sissor Hands…

  3. Yapping Dog says:

    You’re obviously reading Sports Illustrated for the ARTICLES!

  4. Emma * says:

    8 gold is just nothing short of an incredible human feat…but why did he have to go and say ‘I’m perfect’? So ugly.

    This is no tall-poppy attack – I think he is a damn amazing creature for the sporting history he has just created.

    Some would argue that he has every right to call himself perfect, given what he has just acheived. Others would say he would be perfect for leaving it unsaid.

    I will now refrain from pigeon holing his comment in relation to his country of birth.

  5. pear says:

    He has perfect ears, too – for a bat

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