Push Up Challenge – Progress Report

I’ve got to say, I’m well and truly over push-ups at the moment.

I gave myself a decent couple of days rest before attempting the Maximum Test at the end of Week 5 today. Unfortunately I only managed to equal my PB from a few weeks ago – 78. It doesn’t give me much confidence that I’m going to be able to get to the magic three figures.

I struggled a bit with the sets in Week 5 – I had to complete the required minimum 40 reps at the end of Week 5 Day 1 as 2 x 20 rather than a straight 40. I completed Days 2 & 3 satisfactorily, but it was a big struggle at the end to get the required minimum 40 reps and I fell in a screaming mess on the floor both times

I go to a trainer in the days between my push up days, and often we do quite a gruelling upper body set, so I’m probavly not giving my body sufficient rest between push-up days either.

Looking ahead to Week 6, I’d have to say I’m no chance to complete Day 1, and very unlikely to complete Days 2 & 3.

I’ll probably repeat Week 5 again and see whether I can get through all three days in entirety. Then do the max test again next Saturday and make a call from there whether it is worth continuing with the program.

Details of the One Hundred Pushups challenge are here if you’re interested.


3 Responses to Push Up Challenge – Progress Report

  1. Skinful says:

    This is the time for reflection and re-planning.

    Cut your losses, head down to the boozer and launch into a big greasy meal. You need to realise that like the bummers championship challenge your quest is over.

    Friendly advice from your resident heckler.

  2. Yapping Dog says:

    It was only a matter of time…

  3. pear says:

    Skinful – the one reliable purveyor of pessimism in my otherwise enjoyable life

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