Our rowers are … flying?

How about this classic commentary during the Olympic men’s fours rowing tonight?

“Here come the Aussies. They’re absolutely flying … The French are tiring … At the top of the screen the Americans are also flying … the New Zealanders are flying as well … and the Irish, they’re coming home strong … and in the Aussies in lane 3, they are flying home.”

Nick Green was a brilliant athlete as a member of the Awesome Foursome, but as a special comments man?

Special = retarded.


6 Responses to Our rowers are … flying?

  1. Scott says:

    Speaking of mentally backwards…where is the mighty Sniprat at?

  2. col gray says:

    Nick Green?

    That’s what happens when you get a Bult to do the commentary.

  3. Emma * says:

    Anyone of the atheletes could’ve been hopped up on something, so the comment may have been more relative than Green meant it to be.

    Regardless of who’s using what, that man from Oz has some delightfully buff rowing instruments.

  4. Skinful says:

    Perhaps the convict rowers (and cyclists and other athletes) should hitch hike a plane ride. That way they may be able to get an improved rear view of the poms racing away to another medal.

  5. pear says:

    Have a listen to the all-conquering Poms would you?

    A bit like when the won the Ashes and predicted a changing of the guard. And what happened next series? Can you say ‘5-0’?

    BTW – how is your RL team going?

  6. […] recent post of mine sledging Olympic rowing commentator, Nick Green, ended with the Iine, ‘Special = […]

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