What a day

First the Bombers nailed Collingwood at the G

Note to Col – now that’s a photo of Dale Thomas I don’t mind seeing in the papers.

Then the Wallabies nailed the All Blacks in Sydney.

C’mon Cadel, make it 3 from 3.


6 Responses to What a day

  1. Scott says:

    …and the frigging swans lost. Yay!

  2. Emma * says:

    Victoria from PWE will be in mourning over the Pies defeat. More so over the Dale Thomas dig. I think she has a photo of him in her school diary.
    I’ll let her know your thoughts…

  3. col gray says:

    Were there mixed moods in the Clarkelin household after the rugger?

  4. […] (The Angus speccie photo can be seen on DGES WORLD FAMOUS FOOTY TIPPING COMP tipster, Pear’s blog clarkebruce.wordpress.com) […]

  5. pear says:

    CG – Not only was Wakes a bit snaky, but Aussie Mal, Zephyr and the rest of his clan were a bit dark as well…

    (First time I’ve ever used a sentence with the word ‘Zephyr’ in it).

  6. Skinful says:

    Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been disconnected for a few days.

    The bummers win must have been very sweet for you as going by the tips you put in you didn’t expect them to win!

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