100 Pushup Challenge – Progress Report

Here’s where I’m up to with the 100 Pushup Challenge after Week 3, Session 1.

Click on the graph to get a clearer view.

My best maximum so far is 66.

The part of the program that I’ve completed to date is on the left hand side, under the red line. The bars represent the various sets I’ve done on each of those days, with the dark blue representing my maximum on each day. The red line shows just the maximum and uses the right hand scale.

The bars on the right hand side of the graph represent the program ahead of me for the next few weeks. Week 6 is a bit scary, huh?

If you’re doing the 100 Pushup Challenge and want a copy of the spreadsheet to track your progress, leave a comment and I’ll email you one.


3 Responses to 100 Pushup Challenge – Progress Report

  1. Emma * says:

    66 – Impressive stuff. I’m lucky to do one! Give me chin-ups or sit-ups any day. Squats – anytime. Just don’t ever ask me to do push-ups, please.
    Let me know when you reach a hundred and we’ll toast!

  2. Yapping Dog says:

    You’re such a finance bloke! Developing graphs to chart exercise progress…my goodness what’s next, actually finishing an exercise regime? Isn’t the whole point of starting exercise programs and diets to give up half way and peddle work/study/family excuses?

  3. pear says:

    Enough of your cheek Yapping Dog – let us all know your push-up numbers…

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