Melbourne-based husky team?

It takes a lot to make me smile when I have a Man Cold.

But the other evening, as I trudged my way to class (nothing like 3 hours of night school to help beat that cold), I saw one of the world’s funniest sights.

The scene: At the bottom of the steps, Flinders St station

The sound: Whilst waiting for the lights to change I heard a ‘commotion’ working its way down the hill from Princes Bridge. A few people were laughing and pointing.

The sight: Suddenly he came into sight: a man on roller skates being towed along by two dogs. He was going at least 30 kmh and yelling and yahoo-ing all the way across the Flinders/Swanston intersection. I think I caught sight of some bizaree wig and jump-suit costume – not sure, he was going too fast to take it all in.

Someone I told the story to has also seen this bizarre sight.

Has anyone else seen this mystery man? What is it all about? Who the hell is he??? What do you Google to find out? (I tried ‘man on roller skates being towed by two dogs in Melbourne’ but got zip).

Photo credit: Jeweledlion

One Response to Melbourne-based husky team?

  1. roaf says:

    That sounds like the lazy man’s way of a walking the dogs. Not a bad idea!

    Someone should actually make a film about an Aussie husky team. Like that comedy “Cool Runnings”!

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