Along came a spider

Along came a spider

My family piled out of our house this morning to attend to the usual weekend tasks, and look what was hanging down right in front doorway. A massive huntsman spider.

Tim had already barged his way through the doorway. The spider missed his right ear and shoulder by millimetres. The rest of us stayed inside and checked out the huntsman in all its glory. Wakes picked up Mitzy for a closer look but she wasn’t interested in the slightest.

If you really want to freak yourself out, click on the photo for a larger image. Check out the hairy legs. And if you look really closely, you can see a couple of dark eyes staring at you. Think about that in bed tonight*.

Don’t tell David Attenborough, but the spider is now an ex-spider. It has ceased to exist.

*PS – One of these monsters crawled over my forehead when I was asleep once.


4 Responses to Along came a spider

  1. col gray says:

    I can’t believe you killed it!
    Huntsmans are harmless, they eat all of your flies, bugs and other nastys.

    And, just ask Barnsey who ate one once, Huntsmans are really quite tasty.

  2. Emma * says:

    Don’t tell David? It’s not him you have to worry about upsetting.
    Did I never tell you I am a spider fantatic and that entomolgy (the -ology of bugs) was my childhood career dream? Well now you know.

    May a plague of mozzies swoop down upon your brow while you are sleeping and nibble on every pore between your hairline and your eyebrows. They will now, of course, because there is nothing left to catch them at your doorway!


  3. Linnet says:

    You big girl’s blouse.

  4. pear says:

    I doth protest – all of this abuse is misdirected.

    I was only doing as directed by my spider-hating wife.

    (Though I haven’t been too keen on Huntsmen since the day I tried to safely escort one outside on the end of a tennis racket and it kept running up the racket and attacking me, so I held the racket by the other end, and it changed direction, so I held the racket by the handle again, and the spider changed direction again. A few more loops of this scenario before I ran out of patience and squashed the bastard.)

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