Wakes & the tramp

Do you reckon Wakes is any good on the trampoline?

The people at the Lakes Entrance mini-golf centre were amazed at her skills on the mat.

(I’d already stitched her up at mini-golf so didn’t want to show her up on the tramp as well. Not.)

Now she’s pestering me to find a trampoline centre in Melbourne


8 Responses to Wakes & the tramp

  1. col gray says:

    Berrocca gives you back your b.b.bounce…

  2. legend says:

    nice where’s wally shirt wakes, also any photo’s of her landing on her feet rather than her head?
    ps col gray rocks !!!!

  3. col gray says:

    Nice spotting Legend – I too took a great interest in the shirt.

    Your ‘Where’s Wally’ call was a beauty but I also had the shirt pencilled in for ‘The Cat In The Hat’.

    This was no time for play,
    This was no time for fun,
    This was no time for games,
    There was work to be done.

    All that snow,
    All that deep, deep snow had to go.
    When our mother went down to the town for the day,
    She said ‘somebody has to clean this away.
    Somebody, somebody has to you see,
    Then she picked out two somebodys –
    Sally and me.

    Well there we were,
    We were working like that,
    And then who should come up,
    But the cat in the hat.

    Ah the memories…

  4. Scott says:

    Trampolining has its ups and downs…..

  5. pear says:

    … not to mention a few twists along the way

  6. pear says:

    I used to enjoy trampolining – but I’ve since done a backflip on the whole idea

  7. Scott says:

    Puts a spring in your step…it doesn’t “mat”ter now..that’s enough

  8. col gray says:

    What do you call an Irish hobo with 1 leg?

    A tramp o’ lean…

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