S.O.Y. Sauce?

Spotted at the Blue Train Cafe, Southbank:


Please, Please, PLEASE Do not FEED ‘The Birds’ Or they will S.O.Y.

(Some grouse punctuation in there, too.)


2 Responses to S.O.Y. Sauce?

  1. roaf says:

    Sounds like a line from the poster for the Hitchcock film:
    Please, Please, PLEASE, do not feed ‘The Birds.’

    I’m guessing “S.O.Y” is “sh*t on you.”

  2. pear says:

    Your guess is spot on.

    Also there was another poster nearby that had the artwork from The Birds movie, so I’m tipping there is a closet Hitchcock fan at the Blue Train.

    Luckily the birds did not S.O. Us.

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