Tarpins Juggernaut Rolls On!


Australia’s new glamour horse, Tarpins, has done it again with a tremendous win in the Class 2 Coulter Roache Lawyers Country Showcase Handicap over 2233 metres at Geelong yesterday.

Tarpins was well supported on track by a large group of his excited and enthusiastic owners.

If he pulls up well after his run, he will be heading to Tasmania on 9 February for the Group 3 Tasmanian Derby. And so will we.

Our thanks to Dean Yendall for another great ride, and Jamie Edwards and Bruce Elkington for having him cherry ripe for the race.

And just to prove the old saying, ‘Winners are Grinners’, check out these cheesy post-race smiles:


The rest of my photos from the day are here.


5 Responses to Tarpins Juggernaut Rolls On!

  1. Scott says:

    Well done mate. Go Sniprat!

  2. Skinful says:

    “Australia’s new glamour horse” – top class comedy writing.

    Pity you hadn’t developed these skills when a Hash Scribe was needed.

    How is it going to manage against the two headed five legged beasts in Tassie?

  3. […] you can see, Wakes and I took it all in our stride. A far cry from our ‘Winners are Grinners’ look a few weeks […]

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