Whew, what a scorcher

It was 41 degrees Celsius in Melbourne today.

The good news is – we have air conditioning at work.

The bad news is – the air con is useless. It was 33 degrees in my office this afternoon.

True story.

I need to join a union…


4 Responses to Whew, what a scorcher

  1. Scott says:

    We have a pool in the backyard and no air con in the house, as you know. Hottest day this summer and the missus gets the chemicals done today so we’re not allowed in for 36 hours. True story. Not sure what I need to get….

  2. Karen says:

    No pool, no airconditioning, and we picked this day to come back from a few days at the beach! Despite the heat, I’m driven to cook: nectarine jam, here I come.

    Hope you are well, Bruce – Happy New Year.

  3. col gray says:

    Harden up you lot – haven’t you ever heard of beer in the fridge?

  4. MOOSEBOY says:

    Come up to Corowa for Xmas Guys, no less than 12 days in a row over 42 Degrees
    Hottest day @ 46 Degees!!!
    I agree with Col. Harden up you lot, I had lots of beer in the fridge.

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