Who needs a computer to write?


Interesting article over at Mental Floss about Isobella Jade, a model who wrote a book about her experiences of trying to break into the world of modelling ‘despite’ her short stature.

The fascinating part of Isobella’s story is that she wrote her book entirely on a computer in an Apple store in New York.

I find it hard enough to write on my own computer, in my own workspace, with just the normal household noises in the background. I can’t imagine how Isobella could sit in the middle of a retail shop in Manhattan and knock out her story, bit by bit.

I found it pretty interesting that she used to go into the Apple store to check her emails and send off job applications, and that she was allowed to sit at the store computer for hours on end.

I guess if you’re a model (even a 5′ 4″ one), you can get away with a lot of things the rest of us can’t. Or maybe it’s just a New York kind of thing?

Isobella’s book is available via Amazon.


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