Not Wakes’ finest hour


Hopefully most of my readers will eventually see the humour in the above screenshot. I got it from a fun site called The Humour Archives.

When I showed Wakes I was a little disappointed that she did not even crack it for a smile. In fact she looked a little uncomfortable. For about thirty seconds. Then she asked, “The moon is bigger than an elephant, isn’t it?”

Yes, Wakes, the moon is slightly bigger than an elephant. That’s how they were able to manage to land a massive space craft on it. Also Armstrong hit a massive gravity-free golf shot that probably travelled around 600 metres (assuming it’s stopped rolling). The same shot would probably easily clear the length of an elephant. And then there is the issue of the space buggy they drove around in up there. It would probably be hard to steer that around on top of an elephant. Even if it was a really, really big elephant.

Also I was thinking, I’m not sure you would be able to see an elephant with the naked eye from around 385,000 kms. But I may be mistaken.

PS – Wakes is the smartest chick I know, which is why I am so pleased about her occasional mental lapses.

PPS – One day I might tell her famous Tour de France time delay story on my blog. But only if you ask me to.


2 Responses to Not Wakes’ finest hour

  1. Skinful says:

    Not to be a pedant (much) but I think you find it was Sheppard (sp?) annot Armstrong who hit the golf shot on the Moon.

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Sheppard’s shot was the one they captured on film.

    I am referring to the shot Armstrong played that was not captured on film. Only a select few people in the world were privy to this information. News of it obviously didn’t filter through to downtown Hull.

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