Yesterday I wrote about the sledging I copped about my asinine movie review.

My friend Linnet suggested I should continue with the riposte I started at the end of that post. Here goes:

Dear Anonymous (if that is your real name)

Thank you for your helpful feedback on my review of Into the Wild. Asininity is one of the qualities I aim for with my reviews, so it’s encouraging to know I’m hitting the mark with my valued readers.

Unlike master wordsmiths such as David Stratton and Margaret Pomerantz, I have a day job, and write my movie reviews as a hobby. I pay for the tickets out of my own pocket and try to write up new movies shortly after their release in case they are of use to others thinking of seeing that movie.

Usually I post my reviews on the SBS Movie Show website – generally around 100 people read them over a period of time, so presumably this sort of amateur review is useful to some people. I know I find the reviews of other people useful myself.

Some of my other friends, such as Will and Emma, also write these reviews. I don’t think their reviews are asinine at all, but I’m sure with some expert guidance from yourself, they will be able to write with the required combination of stupidity and obstinacy.

Just so as I can continue to meet your demanding movie-reviewing requirements, it would be of great help if you could send a link to some of your own reviews, just so I can get some pointers and pass these on to my friends.

Thanks again


PS – Go f*ck yourself


4 Responses to Riposte

  1. Linnet says:

    Ah Bruce – you are beautiful!! Thanks for that belly laugh.

  2. Emma says:

    You little ripper! Perfect choice of words and just such eloquent penmanship, BC.
    I too, would love to read some of Assoholenine’s reviews – let me know if he is game enough to send them to you!

  3. Scott says:

    Actually, I found that riposte quite asinine, mate.

  4. Malcolm G says:

    Despite the asinine review, I went to see the movie, and thought it was great. Totally recommend it.

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