10,000 hits and counting

I’m happy to say I clocked up my 10,000th page view sometime this morning.

To my regular readers – thank you for your support and especially all of your comments since my first post on 7 April, 2007 (yup, that’s 234 days). It’s always heartening to know there’s at least one person out there reading my stuff.

A special thanks to my Amazing Tiger Photos post, which has generated over 10% of my traffic. I am truly the ‘Amazing Tiger Photos’ king of the internet. As well as the being the centre of the blogisphere for forced laxative humiliation stories.

Here’s to the next 10,000 page views.


6 Responses to 10,000 hits and counting

  1. roaf says:

    And that is an amazing tiger photo!
    About fifty percent of my traffic came from a post I wrote about a Japanese penis festival. Maybe I’ll write about tiger penises next.

  2. Brett says:

    Congrats – it’s amazing which posts make up the majority of your views, huh? My personal favorite is still the Top 5 Comedy Movie Lines.

  3. col gray says:

    Well done on the past 234 days and 10,000 hits BC. I can unashamedly say that I’ve contributed to those figures. A great read indeed. CG

  4. Scott says:

    Well done mate!

  5. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Bruce! 10,000 hits since April is amazing. Will have to go check out the ‘forced laxative humiliation’ story…

  6. clarkebruce says:

    Thanks for all of your congratulations guys and gal.

    Roaf – Another blog I read (Earthman Xosha Roph) says his biggest hits are from those looking for wheelchair sex aids. So maybe you could post on ‘wheelchair sex aids for tiger penises’

    Brett – for sure that Comedy post got the most comments since I’ve been blogging. When I get some time over the holidays I’m going to try and develop that theme a little.

    Karen – the best way to find that story is to Google it. Unfortunately my post isn’t that glamourous – it just uses all of those words in various spots throughout the post. Still, what sort of person would google for ‘forced laxative humiliation stories’ in the first place?

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