A close shave for Mitzy the Cat

Close Shave for Mitzy the Cat

Mitzy and I have never been on the best of terms.

She thinks I’m bossy and a control freak.

I think she’s aloof, and well, a bit simple.

To be honest, cats just don’t do it for me. Wakes, on the other hand, is a life-long cat fan. She loves cats. She dotes on them. And cats, in turn, trust Wakes.

So which of the two adults in our household do you think was responsible for giving Mitzy her new, unflattering haircut?


See here for more scandalous photos.


3 Responses to A close shave for Mitzy the Cat

  1. col gray says:

    Poor ol’ Mitzi – the local birds will never recognise her…

  2. How was the cat convinced to stay still while this indignity was foisted upon her?

    …If this were ours, everyone in the house, involved or not, would be missing chucks of skin and Stinker would be firmly wedged under a bed upstairs….

  3. clarkebruce says:

    Earthman – that is an excellent observation! We actually hired a ‘cat groomer’ to visit our house, and she arrived armed with gloves and clippers.

    Wakes and I thought the same as you: ‘how the hell is she going to hold the cat still?’

    Anyway, Wakes and the cat groomer locked themselves away in the laundry. Wakes took a very firm grip on the cat, and the groomer just went for it. Took about half an hour. My kids and I were p*ssing ourselves laughing at the noises that were coming from the room – hissing, spitting, cat screaming – it sounded like the noises the cat makes in the Warner Bros cartoons when Pepe Le Pew tries to seduce her.

    In hindsight I should have recorded the noises through the door and posted them.

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