Today was a pretty exciting day for Wakes and I. We went to Werribee to see our horse Tarpins run ‘live’ for the first time. Most of the other owners had taken a trip out to ‘poo town’ to watch him as well.

Unfortunately, Tarpins was disappointing. He was a bit naughty in the mounting yard before and after the race and didn’t seem to please his jockey, Ben Melham too much (especially if quick the slap Ben gave him after the race was any indication). Tarpins was out six wide for the first 300 metres and then ‘improved’ his position to ‘only’ be three wide for the rest of the race. He was second around the home turn and for a fleeting second I thought he might be a chance to salute, but he weakened quickly to finish 6th of 9 starters.

So the bookies and TAB got some of my Spring Carnival winnings back, and Wakes’ $100 free bet with IAS also came to nothing.

Still, it was a very enjoyable way to spend half a day of annual leave, basking in the sunshine, drinking the complimentary owners’ drink after the race, and meeting our co-owners. We’re hoping we may be able to get one more start out of him this preparation. If we do, we’ll get very good odds. Stay tuned punters.

I’ve loaded the rest of my crappy photos of Tarpins at Werribee if you’re interested. (Man, I need a new camera).

One fellow owner of Tarpins, who shall remain nameless (but not initial-less, “FR”), had this to say in response to today’s setback:

Do you feel like we are playing a game of Hangman and we are spelling ‘Donkey’? So far we have D-O-N (one letter for each race he doesn’t run a place). If we get to 6 runs and he hasn’t run a place, I am allowed to call him a donkey.

Very harsh.


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