D is for Drive and R is for Reverse

Wakes left her car in the driveway of my parents’ house the other day.

We were going to pick it up the next morning.

I asked mum if she wanted me to move it out of the driveway for her before we left.

Her famous last words: “No, I’ll be right”


Our car … into the garage door … into her own car … into the massive steel workbench at the back of the garage.


Check here for the full, sorry catalogue of disaster.

PS – Yes, that is a barbecue on the bonnet of her car.

Not as spectacular a crash as this one, but not a bad effort by mum just the same.


3 Responses to D is for Drive and R is for Reverse

  1. col gray says:

    All I can say is “Holly slitherin’ bat shit…”

  2. Linnet says:

    Tell your Mum it could happen to anybody … and it could be worse.

    A few years ago, my grandmother popped down to the shops before some expected lunch guests were to arrive. Leaving the shop, she put the car into drive instead of reverse. She mounted the footpath … and drove over a rather large gentleman who had been having coffee with a friend at an outdoor cafe table. She assumed she had killed him – and her distress promptly caused her to have a heart attack before she could ascertain otherwise.

    Fortunately, the gentleman in question was so amply padded that he merely suffered broken ribs – and my grandmother survived too.

  3. Skinful says:

    And I don’t suppose she had the famous Hash excuse that she was drunk either.

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