Finally – My Own Byline


Well, after a few close calls and near misses I can finally say I’ve had a feature article published with my own byline.

The article, An Affordable Hobby, appeared in the features section of the Sunday Territorian newspaper yesterday.

I guess I can even say I made the front page – you can see from the screenshot above there is a reference to my article in the yellow box. For the benefit of my overseas readers, when you make the front page in Darwin, you know you’ve really made it big.

I found out on Thursday that the article was going to appear in the paper on Sunday. The only problem was working out how to get hold of a copy. I tried the Melbourne Airport newsagencies (much to the amusement of my son); would you believe it, they stocked the Hobart Mercury, Courier Mail, Western Australian, Sunday Advertiser, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Canberra Times – every Sunday paper except the one I wanted.

Then I thought of McGills newsagency in town, but they aren’t open Sundays…

So in the end I had to wait for the editor to send me the pdf of my article. I received it this afternoon, which finally put me out of my misery.

Special thanks to Scott Healy, Phil Read, Fiona Read, Alistair Butcher, Jo McKinnon and Wakes for their assistance with the article. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.


One Response to Finally – My Own Byline

  1. col gray says:

    Well done BC.

    Regardless of the fact that you found it difficult to purchase a ‘Sunday Territorian’ in Melbourne, rest assured that everyone in Darwin has a copy under his arm or in his back pocket.

    On the other hand, my recent visit to Darwin proved most difficult in regards to my pursuit to purchase a Melbourne newspaper.

    The only copy I could find was a Herald Sun on the counter of a Safeway Supermarket with a price tag of $7.00.

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