Punters – Your Wait is Over


Finally, the moment has arrived.

Wonder horse Tarpins is saddling up for his first start, in the prestigious Johnnie Walker Maiden Plate at Wangaratta on Friday.

Our boy will be ridden by talented country hoop Daniel Moor, and will carry 57 kg from barrier 8.

So remember you heard it here first. Wangaratta Race 1, Horse 8 – Tarpins.

Don’t say you weren’t told.


8 Responses to Punters – Your Wait is Over

  1. Scott says:

    Go Sniprat. Good luck mate.

  2. CSJ says:

    we think a quick hit of sticky date pudding before the race will give him the winning edge!!!

    Good luck from cam and julia

  3. col gray says:

    You’re the man…errr – horse Sniprat…and I know my horses…

  4. […] As I’m sure all my regular readers will know by now, Tarpins failed to live up to the my hype and finished mid-field sixth and definitely out of the […]

  5. Daniel Moor says:

    Country Jockey. Nice.

  6. […] few month’s ago, I wrote about Tarpins’ first start and included the comment, ‘our boy will be ridden by talented country hoop Daniel […]

  7. - says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tarpins, and although he didn’t win his first, or second start. I can honestly say he his shaping out to be a great horse and mild mannered at the same time. With Cliff Brown’s departure from this wonderful horse and my work with him, I would like to bid him farewell and good luck.

    Cya mate, and good luck in the 2008 Melbourne cup

  8. clarkebruce says:

    Thanks for those kind words, Tarpins has already given us more excitement than we could possibly have expected.

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