Well done Georgie Boy


Congratulations to Col Gray lookalike George Gregan on a wonderful, record-breaking career.

Losing to the old enemy in the RWC quarter-final was a sad way to bow out of international rugby for Gregan. But at least he had the chance to run around a bit and go down fighting, unlike our other retiring champion, Steve ‘Chalky’ Larkham, who watched injured from the sidelines.

George was a fantastic competitor and displayed a never-say-die attitude which served the side well in our glory days as well as the lean times.

Thanks for the memories George.

Favourite Gregan moment : That match winning tackle on Jeff Goldie Wilson (do yourself a favour and watch the video on the link)



One Response to Well done Georgie Boy

  1. Skinful says:

    As a pom I would like to add my appreciation for him. As one of the most over rated players of all time his predictability and total lack of speed, which means he offers no threat running the ball, have helped stifle convict backlines for years. I was worried last year when it looked like the selectors had finally caught on that he was shit but fortunately he has bounced back to engineer another world cup defeat to England. Please stay on until 2011 Georgey.

    I suppose he is going to take up refereeing now, actually correct that statement, I meant continue refereeing only stop pretending to be a player at the same time.

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