Go Storm!

Your correspondent offers coach Craig Bellamy some welcome advice

Wakes and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon watching the Melbourne Storm beat Parramatta in the NRL Preliminary Final last week.

The before-the-game speakers included league legends Andrew Johns and Gordon Tallis.

Johns received a warm and extended welcome from the large gathering; we thought the unspoken vibe was one of support for him and his recent revelations of a long-standing problem with drugs of addiction. Both guys spoke really well. Tallis off the field is not much different to Tallis on the field – you wouldn’t want to argue with him!

Kevin Sheedy was also there as a guest, holding court on his table with multiple passers-by and droppers-in as usual. He walked in part way through Tallis’ speech and received a loud ovation. As soon as Tallis finished his stint he headed over to pay his respects.

The game was a cracker – a hard-fought game with several flashes of individual brilliance from both sides. Happily, the best team won, and our boys are now off to Siddeney for the Grand Final on Sunday.

Wakes and I are heading up for the game – will report back next week on how the NRL Grand Final lines up with the AFL’s own One Day in September.



2 Responses to Go Storm!

  1. col gray says:

    You’re becoming like that Pommie serial pest guy who gets his photo taken everywhere Bruce Clarke – you have one challenge in front of you though…you’ll know when you’ve made it if you can get your photo taken with Sheeds.

  2. clarkebruce says:

    You have touched on my life long dream there CG. Do you think it will ever happen?

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