All Australian vs Brownlow


Congratulations to Jimmy Bartel on his Brownlow Medal win. He’s a great player and seems like a pretty likeable bloke as well.

There has been plenty of press this week on whether the Brownlow has turned into a de facto midfielders award.

Ben Doolan* over at Bombertalk went to the trouble of cross-referencing this year’s All Australian team with the number of Brownlow votes they received.

B: Scarlett (3 votes), Glass (2 votes), Milburn (0 votes)
HB: McLeod (15 votes), Egan (1 vote), C.Brown (2 votes)
C: K. Cornes (13 votes), Bartel (29 votes), C. Cornes (12 votes)
HF: S. Johnson (10 votes), J. Brown (17 votes), B. Harvey (22 votes)
F: B Johnson (14 votes), Pavlich (15 votes), Mooney (1 votes)

R: Cox (3 votes), Kerr (22 votes), Ablett (20 votes)

Bench: Corey (12 votes), Fletcher (2 votes), Lade (8 votes), Ling (1 vote)

High pollers who missed AA – Dane Swan 20 votes, Simon Black 22 votes, Sam Mitchell 21 votes, Adam Goodes 20 votes

McLeod is pretty much a midfielder anyway; apart from him the backline (including Fletcher on the bench) hardly troubled the scorers. Same for Big Cox in the ruck.

As per my All Australian post last week, my biggest gripe was with Mooney and S Johnson getting into the side. How good does Mooney’s 1 vote look against the other AA forwards, and against other mobile big men who missed out Goodes 20 votes, Reiwoldt 14 votes, and Lucas 11 votes?

I gave Mooney my sharpest scrutiny last week (usually reserved for following David Hille around and pointing out his general crappiness), and I just can’t see how anyone rates him. Apart from a small golden patch, Johnson wasn’t much better.

Anyway, good luck to the Cats this week – I would hate to have to watch Tredrea and the Cornes boys spanking on after the match.

* Not the Ben Doolan but named in his honour.


3 Responses to All Australian vs Brownlow

  1. Scott says:

    Not the Ben Doolan once seen looking for his teeth in a back pocket at Victoria Park courtesy of Craig Kelly? I’m with you Bruce. I reckon I’d have a chance of getting a kick with the delivery Mooney has on offer. Sorry to be on the Sydney – A. Goodes wagon, but 3 votes when pumped by Collingwood R21 was one of the most outstanding performances I’ve seen.

  2. clarkebruce says:

    Yes, the Bombertalk Ben Doolan is named after Craig Kelly’s mate.

    Scott, as you seem to be Goodes’ number one fan, I can’t understand why he didn’t invite you along as his Brownlow guest. See link below.

  3. clarkebruce says:

    I know my footy – Mooney 5 goals in the GF and Johnson 4 plus Norm Smith medal.

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