AFL All Australian Team Awards

All Australian Team 2007

I was fortunate enough to snaffle an invitation to the AFL All Australian Team awards night last night. Sort of like the Brownlow Medal night without the glamour and glitz. (Apart from Ling and Whitnall, both looking like Men’s Health cover models as usual)
The highlight of the night for me was shaking Jonathon Brown’s hand:

“Good Luck, Jono”

“Thanks Mate”

I also had a quick chat with my former under 9s team mate, and likely 2007 premiership coach Bomber Thompson. I was busting to ask him whether the rumours about him coming back to Bomberland next year are true, but something told me he wouldn’t tell me even if they were. Plus I was worried he might have said to himself earlier in the night “If one more bloke asks me what I’m doing next year, I’ll smash him!” The other thing I didn’t ask Bomber about was the time he hit me in the head with a bouncer in under 14s cricket. I still have the lump. (Next to the one Dave Cate gave me many years later.)

I wasn’t that impressed with the All Australian team, mainly the fact that Geelong had 9 of the 22 players in the side. The Bombers lost one game in 2001 and only had four AAs that year. Go figure. Maybe Billy Brownless picked the side. Fair dinkum, only a Geelong supporter could have Mooney in the team in front of Buddy Franklin, Reiwoldt or Richo. And Steve Johnson? Missed 6 games, goes missing for quarters at a time. Give me a break. Still, the pressure will be on the Cats now, imagine having almost half of the best players in the league and not winning the flag. Especially if Collingwood (0 AAs) beat them this Friday. Now that would make me laugh.

Some more observations:

  • Big Cox is definitely a big unit
  • Whitnall is even frecklier in real life than on TV
  • The bright TV lights bounced off Ling’s red face and lit him up like a beetroot. He looked like one of the leads from Beauty and the Beast. You guess which one.
  • I am a coward. I finally had my chance to give Chad Cornes a spray at close quarters but he was bigger than I thought, so I walked on by. Very similar to the famous Tony Modra walk-on-by incident of 1993.
  • Ditto Campbell Brown, except he is a short-arse and I have no excuse for my silence, apart from the fact that Mad Mal Brown is his dad.
  • Clinton Grybas has a massive bald spot and is definitely working on a subtle comb-over.
  • By the end of the night, I’d had enough of the crap selections. Here is a video of me showing my displeasure at the team



2 Responses to AFL All Australian Team Awards

  1. Scott says:

    Can you tell me Adam Goodes missed out? Apart from being the reigning Brownlow Medallist, and having possbily the best form in the league in the last 3 months, he would have given Lingy and sms Whitnall a run for their money in the fugly stakes. Especially as Troy Cook wasn’t there.

  2. […] per my All Australian post last week, my biggest gripe was with Mooney and S Johnson getting into the side. How good does Mooney’s […]

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