My brush with fame


Sir Alexander Fleming, child prodegy

Last night I discussed fashion with Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, chatted about cricket with Sir Donald Bradman, went all the way with JFK* and heard silent movie star Charlie Chaplin speak.

Not a bad effort, seeing as they are all long dead.

The venue for my encounter with fame was the ‘Night of the Notables’, a fantastic initiative of my kids’ school, Buckley Park College.

Year 7 students are required to select a famous person from the past, and design an exhibition to showcase the life and achievements of that person. The students get right into the spirit of the night, appearing in costume and fully prepared to answer questions from family and friends about the life and times of their chosen personage.

Some of the more enterprising students brought along snacks – most bearing a tenuous link to their chosen celebrity – to help attract the punters. Mmmm, chocolate cake and donuts.

My young bloke’s chosen notable was Alexander Fleming, inventor of penicillin. TMWC thought it would be fun to offer some mould-ridden bread to the visitors to his booth; unfortunately he couldn’t get the mould to grow properly so he had to make do without. (Note – he should have tried growing the mould in his trainers).

Congratulations students and staff on a job well done.

*LBJ wasn’t there; a cigar-smoking JFK was the closest I could find.


One Response to My brush with fame

  1. fearblank says:

    Lol… have to laugh at that… I believe that was my tofu that TMWC was using… I remember my NOTN… I was Salvador Dali! Go the melting clocks… I had Tick-Tocks!
    Also, just have to say this; GO PIES!!!
    Hugs and Cookies

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