Storm Boy

Matt King 3

On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne Storm sponsors’ BBQ at their last training session before the finals.

Here I am rubbing shoulders with the king – Matt King to be precise. You can see Matt’s hand is on ice from when he accepted my challenge to punch me as hard as he could in my rock hard abs. If you look hard enough you will see my rock hard abs poking out under my fat guts.

The BBQ was most enjoyable – the glorious winter sunshine a perfect setting for watching other people do hard physical work while I sat there and nursed a few beers with my mate Whisper. The setting was MC Hammer Labour Park, formerly Princes Park, which brought back memories of playing kick to kick on the oval with Squatter and Col many years ago. One day Squatter landed the footy right on top of the head of a young policeman, and then abused him for getting in the way.

The Storm are a fantastic organisation and the players, coaches and officials were very obliging. It’s not hard to see how they have built up such a strong following in a non-League playing state. As well as meeting Matt King, I got to speak with Craig Bellamy, Robbie Kearns and Michael Crocker, who was sporting a black eye and stitches from running into Sunny Bill Williams’ elbow a few weeks ago. Molly Meldrum was also there, looking decidedly worse for wear. Not a bad effort seeing it was a Thursday afternoon.

Luckily the guests were served their food before the players arrived. Some of those fellas are pretty good on the fang, especially some of the island boys.

A highlight on our table was Matt King’s plate being sent flying by the wind and showering Whisper and another guest with assorted BBQ meats and salads. I suggested Whisper would make a killing by selling his splattered shirt on e-bay, but I think he’s going to have it framed and put it up on his lounge room wall instead.

Good luck to the Storm in their finals campaign – you deserve a premiership fellas.


6 Responses to Storm Boy

  1. Col Gray says:

    You are the real King Bruce Clarke – I’ll bet Matt E King chased you around all afternoon for the photo…

  2. Skinful says:

    Good to see that you are embracing the superior code, and you even have latched on to a decent team to support as well. It must be a refreshing change from the constant heartbreak of bummer’s failures.

  3. Scott says:

    I had to look twice. I saw a bloke with no neck, a scar, and funny ears, and then I realised Matt didn’t have a tie on. Love ya work mate!

  4. clarkebruce says:

    Good to see the boys smashed the Gold Coast fancy pants 50-6 yesterday. A nice bit of form heading into the finals. They must have been paying attention to my advice at training. (I did offer to join in at training at one stage – they were playing some type of stacks-on-the-mill game to get the ball carrier used to getting up with several fat bastards lying on top of him. There were a few worried looks from the halves when I waddled up to the sideline).

  5. Col Gray says:

    My sister RRB hasn’t seen you for a while Bruce Clarke and she made comment that in this photo you look a bit like Robert De Niro…

    Are you talkin’ to me?

  6. clarkebruce says:

    Hollywood movie stars I have been compared to: Robert De Niro, Anthony La Paglia

    Hollywood movie stars you have been compared to: Mini Me, Dr Evil, Yul Brynner

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