Puss Off Kiwis

Interesting article in The Age this morning:

NZ irked by diggers’ flight to Mid-East

New Zealand is furious that it has been dragged into the Iraq war – if only in a token fashion – by flying Australian troops to the Middle East.

The New Zealand Government is demanding answers from Air New Zealand and its diplomats following revelations the national carrier ferried up to 600 troops on charter flights now branded a diplomatic embarrassment.

Prime Minister Helen Clark is believed to be “appalled” that the airline – which is 67 per cent Government-owned – could have helped deploy troops to the Iraq war.

Suggested answer to Helen (Frankenstein’s bride) Clark:

Dear Helen

Sorry about our troops having to fly to Iraq via Air New Zealand while you guys hang on to the coattails of the rest of the Western world.

We would have used Ansett to fly our troops to Iraq, however it appears that Ansett is no longer in existence after being taken over by Air New Zealand and the NZ government several years ago. Many Ansett veterans are still waiting for their payouts.

We seem to remember you washing your hands of the whole affair.

Interesting you have a view on the running of the airline now.


Little Johnnie

PS – Good luck in the World Cup


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