You meet all sorts . . .

I’m standing at that little kiosk on Platform 5 at Flinders St Station, minding my own business (salting my potato cakes, if you must know), when I hear a voice right behind me.

“Are sausages healthy?”

I turned to see a normal looking man in his 20s.


“Are sausages healthy?”

“No mate, sausages aren’t healthy” (especially those greasy, thick jobs they sell at the kiosk in question).

“Oh . . . Well, how about fish? Is that healthy?” he says, pointing at a piece of greasy fried fish in the window.

“Fish is healthy mate, but not when it’s fried.” (or when it’s been sitting lukewarm in that window for 5 hours).

“Oh”, he says thoughtfully, staring into the distance at nothing in particular. I take my chance to escape his weird interrogation.

As I hurry off along the platform, I hear him calling after me. “How about curried sausages? Are they healthy?”

Sort of a culinary version of Turet’s Syndrome by the sound of it


5 Responses to You meet all sorts . . .

  1. Malcolm G says:

    One of the reasons I dislike public transport is some fellow travellors think they can strike up conversations with perfect strangers. Ipod plugs seem to deter them,

  2. clarkebruce says:

    I have been known to adopt the ‘i-pod plugs in the ear technique’ myself.

    Although that is successful in blocking out unwanted conversations (though for all I know various nutters spend the whole time talking at me without me knowing it), unfortunately I am still left with the enchanting smells of body odour and alcohol-fuelled breathe from my fellow commuters on the 8.39 pm Broady train.

    Mal, your reluctance to use public transport shows you have lost contact with the common man, while I remain a man of the people.

  3. col gray says:

    I thought you were most inhospitable to the hungry commuter in question Bruce Clarke. He was probably a traveller from out of town, looking for a healthy feed in the city of restaurants. A much friendlier reply from yourself would be to direct the gentleman to the next Broadmeadows Train, tell him to alight at Essendon and send him over the road for a healthy serve of Hello Sirs and 2 pots. This would have been your good deed for the day.

  4. clarkebruce says:

    It’s funny how you can never think of the right think to say at the time.

  5. Scott says:

    Are curried sausages healthy?

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