Hope yet for The Man?

Have you caught up with the news that Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine may never box again after suffering a major eye infection?

At at one stage it was feared Mundine would lose the eye completely. The injury occurred after Mundine ‘cleaned’ a contact lens in his mouth at a restaurant over the weekend. Probably not the smartest thing he’s ever done.

Hopefully this means ‘The Man’s’ boxing career is not over. There are still plenty of people in Australia hoping he cops at least one more decent hiding before he retires!

Anyway, it got me thinking to that other great champion of the ring, Rocky Balboa. What would he do in such a circumstance? Give it all away? Risk future blindness? Stick to punching dead pigs?

Rocky fans will realise straight away there is a precedent to Mundine’s predicament. At the start of Rocky II, it is revealed that Balboa suffered from a detached retina after the fight in the original Rocky movie. His trainer’s solution? Simply to change Rocky from a southpaw to a conventional fighter, and in so doing keep the bad eye ‘out of harm’s way’. Well, it worked for Rocky anyway. Not too sure how far out of harm’s way this puts your eye, but Rocky ended up with a title belt so it must be pretty effective.

Nice uncredited work by the Balboa doctors as well; fixing up his retina completely between movies so that he was able to go back to being a southpaw for Rockies 3,4,5 & 6 and not worry about the eye any more . . .

In all seriousness, good luck to The Man for a speedy recovery. He may have a big mouth, but he’s one hell of a fighter.


3 Responses to Hope yet for The Man?

  1. Col Gray says:

    I’m tipping this is not the first time in his life that the man has had a bit of spit in his eye…

  2. Scott says:

    Bruce…this reminds me of a story you once told me about John Travolta…Perhaps best to leave it at that!

  3. clarkebruce says:

    Scott – unfortunately, I think the laws of libel mean that the Travolta story will have to stay under wraps. Plus I don’t want a bunch of Scientologists chasing after me . . .

    Col – I think you are right there

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