I wasn’t expecting that…

During our week in Portugal we took a sightseeing tour of the Algarve which included a visit to the spectacular Cape St Vincent.

End of World

In the good old days when the world was considered flat, the Portugese thought this spot (situated at the south-westernmost point of Europe), was the end of the world. From the photo above you can probably see why.

We were fortunate enough to experience beautiful weather for our visit, however part of me was a little disappointed that we weren’t there in bad weather. Our tour guide showed us a postcard of a wave breaking right over those massive cliffs during a particulary fierce storm. Now that is something I’d love to see.

On the way home from Cape St Vincent our bus called in at a roadside cafe for refreshments. Our driver told us to make sure we checked out the stuffed animal display inside. We were expecting some sort of quaint teddy bear and purple dinosaur display. Instead, what we got was a full-on 1800s style taxidermy display, complete with a Noah’s Ark of African wildlife, including a lion, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, crocodile, hyena, elephant tusks etc. etc. Not at all what we were expecting and more than a little offputting in today’s politically correct, more enlightened times.

As well as the African stuff there were loads of deer heads, antlers, wild boars etc.

Someone had a hell of a time killing all of those beautiful animals to make their smoking room look cool.

We took a quick look around – the scariest thing was the zebra, which glared at us the whole time and looked as if it was about to spring to life at any moment. A bit like the donkeys that terrorised Wakes during our NZ trip a few years ago.

Anyway, here is what the lion looked like, just to show how real and scary the display was. Probably something we could have done without.



2 Responses to I wasn’t expecting that…

  1. Col Gray says:

    Whoever thought this place was the end of the world has obviously never been to Adelaide.

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