A Great Thing About Europe


A very pleasant addition to my daily ablutions.


3 Responses to A Great Thing About Europe

  1. startingtoday says:

    I had one in a fancy hotel in DC once. I was surprised.. Truthfuly, I had never really seen one in real life! I was very curious about it….

  2. Col Gray says:

    Did you find the bidet useful for washing your boots aka Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee?

  3. clarkebruce says:

    Startingtoday – yes, I was very curious too and a little confused about how it is all supposed to work. I suppose I could find out on Wikipedia or something. But anyway, I ended up with some nice warm water on my nether regions which was very pleasant.

    Col – no but it is very handy for rinsing your mouth when you’re brushing your teeth.

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