My run-in with the Devil


Here I am in London with famous Tour de France nutter, El Diablo.

This is about the only photo in my camera that came out, probably due to the fact that the others were either:

a) taken 10 rows deep, and therefore capturing a lot of scalp and dandruff action, but not too much in the way of cycling; or

b) attempts to capture cyclists travelling at 55 kph as they whizzed past, resulting in blurs, cyclists hidden behind aforementioned backs of heads, or complete fresh air shots with no cyclist in sight.

Longer report to follow, we’re just heading off to the second day’s racing now.

For the record, yesterday’s prologue was an unforgettable experience; we had an awesome day.


One Response to My run-in with the Devil

  1. Col Gray says:

    Nice Devil outfit…How is it that these people always seem to be following you around Bruce Clarke?

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