Flying High with The Hawks

Thanks to Malcolm for another guest post. I can’t believe he’s using the opportunity to promote the opposition.

Last night I had the pleasure of an “exclusive intimate” dinner with the captain and coach of the Hawthorn Football Club. I was concerned about this as I can’t string a sentence together when it comes to talking AFL. The predictable subjects were discussed e.g. habits of certain footballers when staying away from home, illicit drugs and the “line in the sand game”. But without wishing to annoy you, my reporting skills cannot now be demonstrated as it was made clear “what’s said in the room, stays in the room.”

I can tell you that

  • Alastair Clarkson and Richie Vandenberg are very upbeat about the club’s prospects, as you’d expect sitting as team number two on the ladder
  • All they talked about the whole night long was football (is that surprising?)
  • They’re both perfectly amiable, especially since they both remembered my name by the end of the night

After a decade in Melbourne without a footy team I’m now Set to Soar with the Hawks!


Editor’s note – Hawthorn are famous for their wee and pooh colours.


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