Two great things this weekend

Eales and Bledisloe

Great Thing #1 – Bledisloe Cup match at the MCC – Wallabies vs. the All Blacks.

We have one of each in our household, so someone will come home a winner.

My tip is the Elephant and Wheelbarrow bar in Melbourne will also be a winner in terms of bar sales when the Clarke boys, Col, Possum Boy, Barnesman and Wakes meet up for some pre-game inspiration.

Bledisloe, take me home, to the place I belong

In Australia –

We’re superior

Bledisloe, take me home

Great Thing #2 – Overseas holiday

After months of counting down, the big day has finally arrived.

We’re off to London, via Hong Kong, with plans to visit the races at Sha Tin and Newmarket, the two Tour de France stages in London, and a week on a beach somewhere in Europe for good measure. (Not to mention the chance to catch up with our gorgeous niece, Alisha).

I’m hoping to update the blog while I’m away, but have also enlisted the services of a few guest posters to help keep the ball rolling in my absence. Who knows, I might find the thought of spending an afternoon in an English pub more appealing than sitting on the net trying to work out what to say!

Go Wallabies!


3 Responses to Two great things this weekend

  1. col gray says:

    I have the distinction of never, ever seeing the Wallabies lose a Bledisloe match and I don’t intend to break my perfect record today.

    Go Wallabies.

    You put your right foot in,
    You put your right foot out,
    You put your right foot in and you shake it all about
    You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn around…


  2. Simonne says:

    Happy holidaying! 🙂

  3. clarkebruce says:

    Thanks Simonne.

    For the record the Wallabies won in a massive upset and me and my bros had an awesome afternoon.

    My call – the Bledisloe Cup is on its way back to where it belongs.

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